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Current Time in Nintex Forms (real Time)

Question asked by shrinivasnaik on Jul 9, 2018
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I needed to extract the current time in Nintex Forms. I am aware of the CurrentTime nintex function, but the problem is that the currentTime is never updated and if the form is kept open for a few minutes the time is not updated. I believe Nintex loads the variables when the form is first loaded. I need to get the exact time (don't want to use the client time and would need to rely more on the server time).

Any guesses how I can achieve this.? I have tried a number of ways like calling a processupdate() function to refresh my calculated field to give the current time, but the time never refreshes and it always stays the same (i.e. the time when the form first loaded)


has anyone else faced this and how did they overcome? Any suggestions welcome.




Marian Hatala Caroline Jung