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how to update a Group/People field with multiple user

Question asked by bimi82 on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Enrico Knapp



I have a workflow which requests 2 approvals from different management.
The purpose is to have both their names in the People/Group field when they respond to the task.


The update item action does not allow me to specify more than one source.
In return I thought maybe using a Build String to set it as a text field and then convert to variable may work?


Anyway, I am hitting the wall and hope to get some support


What I did:


1) defined the following variables:


  • txt_LogPurchManager (single text)
  • coll_LogPurchManager (collection)
  • LogPurchManager (people group)


2) added a Build String as following:


Text:                    {WorkflowVariable:LogisticsManager};{WorkflowVariable:PurchasingManager}

Store result:         txt_LogPurchManager


3) added a Regular Expression action


Pattern:         ;

Input:            {WorkflowVariable:txt_LogPurchManager}

Store:            coll_LogPurchManager


4) added a Build String action


Text:             {WorkflowVariable:coll_LogPurchManager}

Store:            txt_LogPurchManager


5) added a Set Variable action


Set:               LogPurchManager

Equals:         txt_LogPurchManager (Display Names, Semicolons Delimated)


6) Finally used the Update Item to update field named Managers with LogPurchManager.



Any ideas what I am doing wrong? or what simplest method?