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How to get a document to base64?

Question asked by adamtobia5 on Jul 5, 2018
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Briefing, A Nintex list workflow is published in a SharePoint 2016 Document Library. It will check if the file is a .docx file type. If it is a .docx file type, the workflow would take the file name and convert the document to .pdf file type. At this point, the library contains the .docx and .pdf file. When the .pdf file is available, the workflow should call a web service (copy.asmx) to use the CopyItems web method to create a document in a SharePoint 2010 Document Library. Afterwards, the .docx in the SharePoint 2016 Document Library is to be deleted.


I am successful to creating the .pdf file in the target destination. However, it is shown as 0kb file size. The content of the document is not being populated. Question is: How do I get the .pdf document to encoded to base64 string via calling of a web service? Then using the base64 string to populate the CopyItems web method.