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Add a Hyperlink (with variable) to another list item

Question asked by dgraves on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by dgraves
  • I have ListA and ListB.
  • ListA has several columns connected to fields in a Nintex Form.
  • ListB has a list lookup control that allows you to choose an item from ListA. This then populates several calculated value controls, pulling the info from that list item on ListA
  • I would like to display a hyperlink to the open the item (display form) from ListA.


First I tried:


  • I created a column in ListA named URL that is a calculated column with the following formula:  ="https:\\webserver\site\Lists\ListName\DispForm.aspx?id="&ID
  • Then in the form for ListB, I added a calculated value control to pull in the URL field of the item in ListA. Unfortunately it only displays it the URL as text. Not clickable.


So then I tried:

  • I added a Form variable in the form for ListB that pulls the item ID for the item that is chosen from the drop-down.
  • I then added a Rich Text control, added some text and inserted a hyperlink. I put this for the address: https:\\webserver\site\Lists\ListName\DispForm.aspx?id="variable1" (where variable1 is the ID of the item in ListA). Unfortunately it did not like the "variable1" part of my hyperlink and I don't see a way to add Form Variables to the address field.


I saw this forum thread but it looks like they are using java which I have no experience with.

Any ideas out there?