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Hiding Data in Repeating Sections

Question asked by dstuart on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by fhunth

Hello folks,


I am creating a workflow that is based on tasks being assigned to specific users.


My Workflow will assign the task based on the a Person/Group Varialble called AssignedTo.


I have Embedded Repeating Sections containing assignment tasks that store the Person/Group field.


Repeating Sections


The notification contains an Edit link back to the form used to raise the assignments. I want to limit what the user sees to tasks assigned to them, and hide all others.


I have tried to create a Rule that will hide sections that are not relevant to a user using

(Assignedto!=Current User (Login ID)).


But what I am seeing displayed is only the data from that last assignment, not all assigned to me (I have 3 assigned to me and two others assigned to other users)


Will there be a different configuration for the Controlling Rule for an embedded section?




Dave Stuart