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Call Web Service Action - Unknown configuration

Question asked by lsussman on Nov 13, 2014
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Hi there - I am a newbie to Nintex tools - but loving it, and the site, and all the people who are so willing to share their knowledge. And need your help!


I have a workflow to send out emails to several hundred people - and a loop workflow to read from a list, of those with whom I need to initiate the workflow. However in that loop, based on all my reading from these sites, I have a call web service to initiate the action workflow.


My problem is that the configuration of that action does not match ANY of the documentation, not even info updated as of November 3. I have manually tried everything for 2 days, making assumptions about what the parameters might be logically - but now crying 'uncle'  I have attached a word doc with a pic of the action


I have started a support ticket - but thought this team might get me to resolution faster. Thanks in advance for any help