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Button to Open New Form on Different List or Modify different list

Question asked by sshaffer on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by cazza162


I am trying to add a button on a form (Requests).  The button, (called "Add Employees"), will open up a new form for another list (RequestEmployees) and link it to the ID of the Request item.  I'd like the original Request form to remain open.  I saw this posting to add java code to a button, but was not able to make it work. (Same question posted under that posting, but I have not received a reply).  Can anyone help.  Here is a summary.


1.  Open New form (Requests) - to add a new Request

2.  Click on Button - "Add Employees" - to add Employees to the request


The "Add Employees" Button will save Request (to create ID) and open 2nd new form to add employees (RequestEmployees), which is tied to original request by ID.


Does this make sense?