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Spanish Accent Marks Replaced with Numeric Character Reference

Question asked by jarecamang on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by emha

Hi People,

I am creating a Nintex form with a repeating section that is stored as a XML. A workflow is started after I create the element, and there I use some regular expressions to extract the text from the XML (because the query XML element is not available here).

It has been working fine since we started to add words with accent in the repeating section.

I see that some words have accents like Técnico, Policía, Médico, etc. Some other last names from my region use this accents and I cannot ask a user to don't write his name correctly. The fact is that if I send a mail to myself with the repeating section field, or check it in the list, what I get instead of an accented word is its numeric character reference, for example:

á = á

é = é

And so on, That text is making my Regular Expression Workflow actions crash repeatedly, because I don't want to allow characters like #, & or ; in the fields I am processing.

I already changed my sharepoint site regional settings but it doesn´t seems to work.

I tried changing the type of text that will be stored in the field but if I use Rich text, the field gets damaged. Is there anything I can do?