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How to complete a review request without canceling the other tasks that were created?

Question asked by rachelfitz on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by rachelfitz

In my workflow, I am using the "Request Review" action to create a task for the required reviewers to go in and review a document.  I understand the difference between the "All must review" and "First response applies" review options.  My problem is that there is never a time when ALL the reviewers will complete the task and thus the workflow will never complete.  So I went with the "first response applies" option, which allows the workflow to complete, but I am now realizing that once one person completes his/her task, all the other review request tasks get cancelled!


So, here are my requirements:

  1. If one person completes the review, all other review requests remain assigned.
  2. If no one completes a review, the workflow will eventually continue on and complete (after all, it is a request for review, not a required review).


I read a couple of other posts and think that there are some workarounds, but I am new to Nintex and need some hand-holding.  The two suggestions I read were:

  1. Make the review option "All must review" and then include an escalation to myself so that I can complete the task.  Would this work for my case? I don't think escalation is available with the "Request Review" action, so I need some help with which action to use.
  2. Create individual tasks that loop back and check for status changes.  I understand theoretically this idea, but don't know how to make it happen.


Any help/direction is greatly appreciated!!