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Setting a repeating section on a form from a workflow?

Question asked by stempb on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by stempb

I have a repeating section on my form.   It is tied to a multi line  plain text field on my list called Accounts.


I have a workflow with a task form. The task form also has a repeating section that is tied to a workflow variable that is multi line text variable called txtAccounts.


The workflow sets the Accounts field to the value entered on the task form (txtAccounts) using the Update action.


The value indeed gets set because it shows up when I place the Accounts field in a view.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><RepeaterData><Version /><Items><Item><e4a2d391-22c2-4337-861c-711f0017e159 type="System.String">Consumer</e4a2d391-22c2-4337-861c-711f0017e159><cf50b33d-6a5f-49a1-88bf-32b4c97ab7aa type="System.String">12345</cf50b33d-6a5f-49a1-88bf-32b4c97ab7aa><_x0034_7ec9475-28f4-43f4-8779-f231c84afca2 type="System.String">6789</_x0034_7ec9475-28f4-43f4-8779-f231c84afca2></Item></Items></RepeaterData>


But the value does not show up in the repeating section on the form.


I suspect the problem might be with those GUIDs.  My guess is they act as a "field name"  so are only good for the repeating section where they were entered.


Is anyone setting a repeating section on a form with a workflow?  How did you make it work?