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How to create multiple automatic reminders on assigned tasks?

Question asked by lisachung on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by lisachung

I have multiple SharePoint pages using the Tasks List feature. My goal is to be able to create a workflow that automatically send reminders for assigned tasks. The auto reminder will be sent 3-days before the due date, on the day that the task is due, and/or if the task is past due. I have Nintex Worfklow 2013 and I tried creating a work flow using the Workflow Action "Assign to-do task"; however it's asking me to input the "Assignees". I don't have the assignees yet as those will be defined upon creating a task. I'm not clear as to why we would need to create an "Assignee" in the Workflow when that's defined during the creation of the task itself. May someone explain this and provide the steps (and steps within each workflow action) that will help me automatically send:


1. A reminder that the task is due in 3-days.

2. The tasks is due today!

3. Your task is [day] overdue.


Once this is created, will I be able to apply it to all Tasks List or must I create a new Workflow for each Task List?


Thank you so much!