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What happens to a Nintex Form created on Content Type from Content Type hub when sync?

Question asked by nanettedv Champion on Jun 21, 2018
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I am adding a Nintex form to a content type published from the content type syndication hub. Content Types created from the content type hub must be set to read only = 'No' in order to create a Nintex Form on it on a list level in the site collection that the content type was synced.


My question is this: If I change the content type on the site collection to read only = 'No', what will happen when the content type hub syncs the content types down and the column names change for example? Is it possible that the Nintex Form is reset or overridden by the default form? Will the Nintex Form still retain all connections to the underlying columns?


This is on O365, but assume the same behaviour will happen on-premises too.