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Copying list items from parent to child site using web service call

Question asked by lisamariew71 on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by emha

I have a list called Project Dashboard in a top level site collection and each list item is a project.  I run a manual workflow from the Project Dashboard that provisions a sub-site for each list item and writes the sub-site URL back to the project list item.  This all works well.


What I want to do is be able to pull fields from an item in the project dashboard into the correct sub-site.  The sub-site URL is not fixed as it is different for each sub-site.  The sub-site URL is stored in a column called Site Link.


I have an empty Project Dashboard list in each sub-site with identical columns to the parent.  There are a few fields I want to pull across to the sub-site from the parent.


I am unable to use the Create Item In Another Site as I can't select the site when creating the workflow as I have no idea what it will  be.  If I select Enter URL, my only option is to enter a variable or an item property e.g. Site Link (html column which contains my URL to the sub-site) but this does not work.




Next I had a look at the Call Web Service action.  This did not work.  I also tried the Web Request action.




I have spent so much time on this and wondered if anybody had some advice.  Am I doing something wrong or is there some other way of achieving the same thing.


Many Thanks