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How to validate a List lookup control

Question asked by harfmt on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by harfmt


I want to make sure a value is selected from a List Lookup control. 




I've tried using : isNullOrEmpty(parseLookup(ProjectLookup,True))  and can't see why this won't work.


No value is returned from the parseLookup if nothing is selected in the drop down, however isNullOrEmpty seems to think something is returned as it is never invalid.


I've also tried separating out the parselookup to a calculated value with a name and then validating that for empty. Still doesn't work. 


I've also tried validating the control itself on 'ProjectLookup'. I feel like that should work as well. isNullOrEmpty(ProjectLookup) or isNullOrEmpty(self)


Not sure what else to do.