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Attachment validation Nintex Form

Question asked by jarecamang on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by jarecamang

Hi People, have anyone tried to check the number of attachments in a Nintex Form? I'm trying to use Javascript validation, using custom function found here at the forum

(NWF.FormFiller.Attachments.GetAttachedFilesCount(NWF.FormFiller.Functions.GetFillerDivObjectForControl(NWF$("#"+NWF$("." + attCtrlClassName + " .nf-attachmentsRow")[0].id)).data('controlid'))) <1 

To make it return true or false if no attachment is added.

added the custom class both to custom CSS and to the formatting CSS class of the attachment control. I am able to check the javascript function using the google chrome console

and the rule seems to be fine

However after I submit the form, no error message is displayed and the forms submits perfectly. I've tried changing the function several times and validating using nintex runtime functions, basically everything, nothing seems to work.

In the console it is displayed the error message

Twice, it still submits the form and no validation is done.

Similar happens with the attachment control settings, just like in the image.

No validation is done at all.
¿Is there a possible way to do it?