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Cascading Lookups in Repeating Sections for Mobile

Question asked by agrendus on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by emha


I am trying to set up a form in Nintex Mobile and I am experiencing a strange behavior in my cascading lookups. 


The set up is this:

   Lookup 1: Select Location


   Repeating section:

      Lookup 2: Select Project [filtered by the Location selected above]


The second lookup works perfectly in the first row of the repeating section, but if I add another row, the second lookup shows no values. 


I have tried putting both lookup 1 and 2 in the repeating section and I get the same result: the first row of the repeating section functions properly but if another row is added the second does not work.


I have also tried pulling the result of Lookup 1 into a calculated value and pointing Lookup 2 to filter on it instead.  My theory was hiding that calculated value in the repeating section ensured the value to filter from would be included in each row of the repeating section.  In this case none of the lookups in the repeating section work.


Has anyone experienced this before?  Any ideas on making it work?


By the way, I have the same set up in the desktop layout - it functions perfectly.  Also, I am working in SP2013, with the most current version of Nintex.


Thanks so much!