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How to update multiple list items with Nintex Workflow 2013 (Destination is lookup field!)

Question asked by mirkoadam on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2018 by roseka

Hallo there,


I'm new here and I have a simple question. I have a list with a column "StoreNr" (type = text) und another column "Store" (type = lookup). The list has over 4000 elements and I need a Nintex workflow, which copies "StoreNr" (text) to "Store" (lookup) --> see picture:

14-11-2014 13-24-30.png

All values in "StoreNr" exists as elements in the lookup list.

I tried "Update multiple items" workflow task to solve the problem ...... without success. If the destination is a text field, the copy succeeds. If the destination ist a lookup field, the copy fails ... destination keeps empty.


Is there a simple solution for this issue?


Thanks for help ...