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Relational Parent Child Relationship

Question asked by sshaffer on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by N M

I have a list called “Requests” with approx. 40 fields.  One field is called “Request Type”
 (lookup field to lstRequestTypes) . lstRequestTypes contain 15 different request types.  I use a Nintex form to capture the data and it is processed through a Nintex workflow which is running fine.

The business has requested additional fields for the Request form.  If the Request Type is “CGA”, collect 8 different fields on 1 to 4 employees.  For example

If Request Type = “CGA”, provide values for the following 8 fields for each employee.



Emp ID




From Dt

To Dt


Approver List

Employee 1









Employee 2









Employee 3









Employee 4










From my relational Database days, I would have set this up in its own table joined by request ID.  In SharePoint, would I have to set up 32 new fields (4 Employees x 8 fields).   The first concern is that these 32 fields would be blank for all of the other Non-CGA Request types.  CGA is less than 5% of the requests.


The business said that they usually don’t have more than 4 employees on a request, but if they did, they would ask the user to submit another request.  I think it would be good if 1 to X employee items could be created.


How would you set this up and display it on a Nintex form?