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Lookup Function in Nintex forms

Question asked by on Jun 14, 2018
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I am using nintex forms 2013 designer and a lookup function. There are two lists - N2F F2F Repository & Change requests. The N2F F2F Repository has columns CRN, ProjectAcronym with the data in the list for these columns. In Change Requests list, there is a column called CRN which is a list lookup to CRN column in N2F F2F repository. I want to autopopulate Project Acronym value from N2F F2F repository when CRN value is selected in Change Requests list to a column called Project. To do this, I am using the following formula for Project column in Change Requests list = lookup("N2F F2F Repository", "CRN", CRN, "ProjectAcronym") and Recalculate formula on view mode as Yes. But it is not working. Appreciate any help in letting me know what is wrong.