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Help with Reminder WorkFlow

Question asked by ieatorange98 on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by emha

Hi everyone, I'm currently doing a reminder workflow on a list which will send an email to the people in charge how many days are left.


My conditions are


Send email for item when the column daysleft is 7,

daysleft is 3 to 1

daysleft is 0 or less.


My days left column is a calculated column, where I take the Due Date - Current Date.


I have a site workflow which updates the Current Date column to the current time daily. Thus the Days left column will update daily.


This is my list containing all my items.





This is my list workflow.






Right now I want to add the description and title into the email messages, but whenever I use the item properties, it just repeats the description and title for all the emails even if its not the same item.


For example I want the email to be like this


Subject: Title One

There will be the description of the item in the text box, including how many days left (I did this one already).