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Set Field Value in Workflow

Question asked by dean.white on Jun 13, 2018
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Just in the process of building my first workflow with Nintex.


I have a step to create a document set on list item creation, which uses the list item's title to name the document set.


I then want to populate a field in the new list item with the URL to the document set that was created.


I have done this using a lookup which returns the "Encoded Absolute URL" based on the title of the list item matching the name of the document set. This populates the URL field in the list item correctly, but I am wondering if there is a way to populate the value in the following format which would set and then display the link in the desired format of linked descriptive text rather than the actual URL displaying.


When extracting data from a URL field that has this format it is in the "URL, Text" format, so I would like to achieve the following:

Encoded Absolute URL, [DocSetName] Document Set


Is this possible?