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Why are on some days Live Forms not arriving?

Question asked by jpmhuls on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2018 by chris.ben

Dear all,

Today the customer is experiencing some issues with Nintex Live forms. A fiiled in form is not arriving in the SharePoint list. We had the same issue a week or 2 ago, which seemed to be resolved the day(s) after.


Can anyone shed some light were to look for the cause? The 2 I can think of my self are:

  1. A Nintex service related to Nintex Live Forms not running... which service would that be?
  2. Outage of the Nintex Live Forms service at Nintex. How to check for that?


I've done some testing and it seems whenever I publish a new/changed Live form, 1 submitted form is received.... So my educated guess would be that the Nintex Live Forms polling service on the our SharePoint server is not running?

UPDATE: Nintex Live Management health check all 4 show up as successful... So could it still be some issue in the Nintex Live Forms cloud?

UPDATE 2: as of a sudden, forms are being pulled again.... as nothing changed (Nintex Live settings nor LAN/WAN settings) at the customer's site, I'm inclined to conclude it must have been a Nintex outage.....