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Working with extracted XML - Parsing out & concatenating back together

Question asked by cwentzel on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by cwentzel

This question is a follow-up to a previous question on how to pull out xml data for a multi-line text with using append changes to text.  I have been able to create a workflow which will pull the xml data, but the data is still kind of messy.  I want to continue building onto my workflow to  take this data, strip out the non-needed text, concatenate the outputs back together and store results in another field.  I know to concatenate the fields back together I need to use Build String, but I'm not sure what to use when stripping out the unneeded text.


Again, the method I'm using (multi-line append changes to text field) is required per my line of work.  I need to pull the data out and load into another field for easy extraction into excel.


Below are the results of my Query XML step.  I have 3 outputs which will need to be 'prettied-up' and then concatenated back together before loading into another field.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!