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Lazy Approval

Question asked by smawer on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by skodacaz

I am having issues with successfully configuring the Lazy Approval...


I have followed the LazyApproval Guide and ensured the required services are running on the front-end server (Incoming E-Mail, Web Application & SMTP). I also followed the guide to install & configure SMTP service (SMTP Virtual Server & SMTP Service are now running).


One part that is confusing me is the 'reply to' Email Alias. If I enter an account that has a mailbox, when I reply to the approval email it simply goes to to that mailbox (the reply with phrase word 'approve'). However if I enter an alias reply address that does not have a mailbox I receive an undeliverable autoreply.

Should the email alias set in Lazy Approval settings be a real exchange email account with mailbox?


Any tips would be great thanks!