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Query To-Do task custom content type user input and fill up infopath form

Question asked by eduva on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by eduva

I have a workflow in a main custom list that must sends a Request Date to multiple users. For that, I have a second custom list with those users and I query it and save them in a variable.


The Request Data works perfectly for me because I can easily save the user input and pass it onto my main list.


After some testing, I found out that the Collect Data From sends the request to just one user, even though the variable holds more than one. That doesn't work for me because I need to ask to multiple users for input (first answers applies). 


So I tried my luck with a Assign ToDo Task and passed the custom content types created with the Request Data to them (as a post around here explained). My problem is that now I have no way to pass whatever information the users filled in the task to my main custom list. I tried to query the task saving its Task ID on a variable (ItemTaskID) and using that variable to query the task list.


Using a Query List with Workflow Task as its List input, I filtered the ID with my ItemTaskID variable and set its Status to Completed. 


-The query list works, because I sent me the ItemTaskID in an email and then "forced" a search (using the Run Now feature) with the ID I received and and both fields I am searching appeared as a result. 


But when I use the ItemTaskID as a reference to that ID I receive an error in the Query List. I am not sure what I am doing wrong or how should I approach this problem. 


The only thing I want is to pass whatever input the user gave to the task to my main custom list...