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New line inside calculated value control

Question asked by shaunlub on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by shaunlub

I have a calculated value control that is reading in 3 columns from a sharepoint list and displaying it in one form control.

(Classic 365 Forms layout).

I would like to display these 3 strings on 3 separate lines. Currently, I can only concatenate these. I do not want or need to save this data out into SharePoint columns. the 'New Line' function in the formula builder for calculated value controls looks promising, but I cannot find any way of using it here, and no reference to its being used in forms.

The current formula is as follows:

And the result is currently as follows.

current result of calculation

I have 9 of these controls on my form, so I would rather not separate them out into 3 controls each.

(I only intend this data to be read in New Mode, and not to be refreshed/reloaded).


I would be very grateful if someone knows how this can be done.