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Restoring default "Task Form" in Assign Flexi Task action

Question asked by voicer on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by julesnye

Nintex Assign Flexi Task



I have formatted the task Form through Nintex forms and although the workflow was working perfectly before this, users who have Contribute access to the List on which the workflow is based can no longer access the form to approve or reject the task. It still works perfectly for me.  They get the following error:

Sorry something went wrong.  No item exists + URL.


I have given them Contribute permissions at the List Level and read permissions at the site level.  I change their permissions to Full Control at the beginning of the workflow and then reset them to contribute at the end of the second assign flexi task. 


If there is no way to resolve this, how would I restore the default Task form.  I have tried to create a new Assign Flexi Task action but it resorts to the Nintex form.


Thank you again for your help