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Nested If statement

Question asked by mcswegin on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by mcswegin

I am trying to populate a form with respective territories, but only if the territory line has a value (otherwise I would like to leave it off of the form (not just blank)).


The following populates the territory every time:

{IF "<<Rocky_Mountain_Division>> = "Rocky Mountain" "Rocky Mountain" ""}


What I would like to do: If there is no Rocky Mountain Division, then delete that row on the table. Was thinking of some kind of nested statement, not sure where to go or the proper syntax to do this.


My thought was something along these lines, but it doesn't work.


{IF "<<Rocky_Mountain_Division>>" = "" "" (IF "<<Rocky_Mountain_Division>>" = "Rocky Mountain" "Rocky Mountain" "")}