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Export Nintex form data to MS excel or CSV

Question asked by raj_kamal01 on Jun 5, 2018

Hi everyone,


I have requirement where i have fixed set of questionnaire created using Nintex form. What i need is to export the complete dump once user submits the form. Number of questions is fixed to 100.


Please note: I am not looking to connect each and every field in Nintex form to a SharePoint list > and export it to excel. This will require large number of list columns and will complicate the things.


My form format is something like below:

QuestionSelect Yes / NoComment
Sample question 1Choose Yes/NoEnter your comment
Sample question 2Choose Yes/NoEnter your comment


Once form is submitted with all 100 questions answered, i wish to save the form data into excel or csv like:

Sample question 1,Yes,Comment 1

Sample question 2,No,Comment 2



Please suggest an appropriate solution if i am not thinking in the right direction.


Thank you in advance.

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