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How can I use a Workflow Variable as a parameter in Execute SQL command

Question asked by rangelin on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by rangelin

I have a workflow where I am using an Execute SQL action to call a stored procedure that requires two parameters. The first parameter I can type in but the second parameter needs to come from a Workflow variable.  The workflow action receives the Workflow variable but I am unable to figure out how to insert a single quote before and after the parameter. Currently the workflow errors out with the error 'Invalid Column Name'. I have found many posts where people have been able to get this to work for a SQL Request but I can not seem to find a solution for the Execute SQL action.


Here is my SQL Query.


SELECT [dbo].[GetEmailStringForGroup] (


I have tried to use double quotes and single quotes but every time I try to do so it completely wipes out the value of the variable and supplies either '' or "" to the SQL stored procedure.


So how can I as a single quote before and after the variable so that the SQL query will execute correctly?


Thanks so much.