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How can you stop people seeing the 'Workflow Tasks' list?

Question asked by hejones50 on Jun 1, 2018
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Firstly I'm quite new to Nintex so apologies in advanced if this one is fairly obvious.


I've created a workflow that used 'Request data' and 'Update item' on a SharePoint List. Users receive an email with a link requiring them to enter a date (with another action that updates a field on the same list). It's takes them to SharePoint to enter the requested information and click 'Complete Task'.


Once this is done it successfully completes the workflow and takes the user to the 'Workflow Tasks' list where they can see a list of all the workflow activity happening on the site. Is there any way to prevent this?


Firstly for an end user most of the information is irrelevant to them and they probably don't know what it means. Secondly it contains the information about other workflow activities that I might not be able to see from other workflows on the site - even though the library/list is limited.


I have done a quick resolution by hiding some of the columns on the default view. However the preferences is for users to not able to see this. I've had a look at the permissions required for them and figured that I can't remove their permissions without preventing them from responding to tasks. Additionally if they get some sort of customised confirmation message once they click 'Complete Task' that would be even better.


Thanks in advanced.