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Attachments in Repeating section for External forms (Nintex Live)

Question asked by cmikhaiel on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by alhildreth

SharePoint 2016 - On prem

We have just patched our SP2016 into the most recent release which includes the new feature of having Attachments added into repeating section.

The feature works well when submitting the form right on SharePoint. Our forms will have to be publicly accessible. When testing from a Nintex live (external) form, the link to add a new attachment in the repeating section is there but when I click on it, nothing happens!! 

I tried from IE and Chrome. 

Does the new feature include the Public/external forms as well or is it just me (my computer) that needs to be looked at and fixed?!? I really hope it is just me, otherwise this might put our whole project at risk!!!


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