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Question asked by gdgonzal on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by gdgonzal

I am trying to use a lookup formula within a calculated field on a Nintex form to display a value from a custom list named "Local Job Codes LookUp" where I have two fields, one named "Local Job Code" and another named "Local Job Code Title".  The named control on the list where the form reside is called "LocalJobCode w/o quotes.


What I would like to happen is that when the the Local Job Code is selected on the form the Local Job Code Title display the related value.  I am using the formula below but all it does is say, "Loading..." and then doesn't display anything.  I've tried different configurations but I cannot seem to get this to function properly.


Any advice would be much appreciate. 


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lookup("Local Job Codes LookUp","Local Job Code",LocalJobCode,"Local Job Code Title")


Local Job Codes LookUp List


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