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Importing a Nintex Form into an Established SharePoint List

Question asked by jagynlvr on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by emha

Hello!  I have an existing SP List using an InfoPath form.  I want to replace the InfoPath form with a Nintex form I have stored in my sandbox but have run into a snag.  So far I have tried the following: 


  1. created form using the exact same data fields and set up as the existing List
  2. (backup) saved a version of the InfoPath form on the existing List
  3. exported the Nintex form from my sandbox and saved to desktop
  4. turned off the InfoPath form on the existing List ( Settings/Form Setting)
  5. imported the Nintex form to the existing List



  • I created a new entry in the List and although the Nintex form popped up, some of the data fields where out of order or misaligned.  Do I need to update some kind of setting in the form to align?  
  • When I opened an existing record in the List , the form came up but only some of the records data was not populated.  Do I need to somehow merge the form with the List?
  • Or is this not possible.  Perhaps you cant import a new form into an existing list?  It has to be a new list with a new form?