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Request Data task getting cancelled before user input

Question asked by eduva on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by eduva

I have a huge problem with a workflow I have been developing in Nintex Worflow 2013 for Sharepoint. 


I have a infopath form that allows users to fill up to 3 "Subs" with relevant information about quantities, categories and plants. The user can fill the 3 of them, just one or leave them all empty. 


But if they do fill more than one, the workflow must send two three user lists a Request Data, where they will fill in and then the workflow will update the form with the user input. 


For that, I have a parallel action box in a loop box. Each branch of the parallel box with first have a condition where I will evaluate if the "Subs" textboxes where filled or left behind empty. The loop box have three conditions with boolean variables, while all of them are TRUE, continue looping, if all are FALSE, exit loop. 


My problem is, when a Subs is filled and the first condition of the branch is met, the Workflow queries a custom list that have multiple users per index. 


Then, I send a Request Data to those users, where 2 or more users receive the task (in a first come first serve basis).





Thing is, the workflow does not sends a Request Data task to the user, instead, the workflows errors and when I go in to see its status I see information as if the user cancelled it when I am sure no user even did something to it because I have this in a test environment.


What could be causing this? If you need more information, please ask.