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WF Errors: e.g. "Workflow failed to run" directly after a task has been delegated

Question asked by paavoheikkinen on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by paavoheikkinen

Dear Community,


I am experiencing some annoying errors which to I cannot find explanations nor solutions:


a) Error: "Workflow failed to run" after a task has been delegated -> I cannot find any additional information to this issue from the logs (I do not have access to the server side logs). I found the following link, but cannot test if it help. I have forwarded the request to the administration but not sure how they react. Anything I could do in the WF design to avoid this?


b) "Workflow failed unexpectedly": List-Workflow that runs when a item is added fails before the Filter (first step fo the Workflow) is run. Again no error codes etc. to explain why this happens. 


c) The workflow in b) starts, and runs through the Filter. After the filter I am changing a attribute so that the same item will not pass the filter again. After some minutes the WF decides to run the Filter again, and the WF ends as the conditions are no longer met. 


I would be happy to hear any of your feedback!