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BreakRoleInheritance accross SiteCollections

Question asked by nc-bkr on May 29, 2018

Hello community,

I try to break RoleInheritance and apply individual Permissions on a List in a different Site-Collection with a REST-API Call.



1. Wokflow on Permission-List on SiteCollection

2. Workflow call "Call HTTP Web Service" (in a Container with "run contained actions at elevated app permission")


==>Results in a Forbidden, System.UnauthorizedAccessException Error


I also registered the "workflow app" in appinv.aspx on both Site-Collections (with different workflow-guids)


If I try to break the permission on a list on the same SiteCollection (sites/permission) it works...:S


Whats wrong, anyone an Idea?

Thanks for your support!