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Handling approvals for batches of list items

Question asked by guillermojast on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by cazza162

Hi experts!


I'm looking for advice on how to handle a relatively complex requirement (related to approval of prices),


  • Price Analyst uploads prices for approval
    • Prices should be able to be uploaded massively (e.g. Excel)
    • Prices are uploaded in "batches" or "sessions". Each batch contains several prices
    • For the purpose of this exercise, it is ok to asume that each price will be single element in a list
    • Price Analyst should be able to change prices after uploaded. If he made a mistake, supervisor should reject it
  • Price Supervisor approves or rejects prices uploaded by Price Analyst
    • Approvals are handled at "batch" level (approving prices on an individual basis takes a lot of time)
    • Approvals are auditable, so once done, should not be possible to change


I think the challenge here is to implement these "batches" (master-detail relationship between batch and individual Price). Also, handling permissions to upload/approve but not change afterwards.


Any feedback on how to resolve this requirement (fully or partially) is greatly appreciated!