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Nintex lazyapproval notification email

Question asked by etienne75 on May 25, 2018
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I am working with sharepoint 2016 onpremise with Nintex + Infopath.  I am new on Nintex workflow.

I have 2 problems and hope someone can help me.

I have create an infopath form based on a sharepoint list.  


1) I have created a workflow with Nintex and I am using the lazyapproval notification.

   In my sharepoint list I have a column called photo which is a picture object. So each Item of my list has a different    photo.

   My question is how can I embeded the dynamic photo in the body of the email notification ? For information I don't    want to attach the photo to the mail, I want it in the body of email for preview.


2) I have noticed that when Lazzyapproval email has attach docs over 2 Mo size I can't read correctly the notification mail on Iphone and  Ipad using a apple Mail app. It seems that email format change from  Rich text option to plain option.

Does anyone has the same issue as me ?


Many thanks for your help