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List Lookup from Multiple Lists and Multiple Filters (Cannot Cascade)

Question asked by kelliganp on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by kelliganp

Hi Folks,

I have an issue and I need a workaround. Normally, I would use a cascading dropdown for this but that is not working in my environment (see background posts here: for some reason and I will be working with Nintex Support to overcome that issue. I need to accomplish this before I will be able to get approval for a Nintex Update as I have a new contract kicking off that needs this feature ASAP.


Thanks for the help in the previous thread to get me this far Marian Hatala  Philip Warrak. Feel free to add here Cassy Freeman as I have seen you contribute to similar issues.


Does anyone know of an alternative method to filter by multiple values? I must populate my main form with the contents of a list that has several records for each employee. It is a Time Bank so each employee has a record for the first contract period (base year or "BASE") and each subsequent option period (Option Period 1 or OP01, OP02, etc.). An employee will go into the leave form and either auto populate the current user or if they are submitting as a proxy, select the employee from the first lookup. Then, they will select the Contract period (CP). Each employee is provisioned with an allotment of leave and sick time for each contract period. When the CP is selected, I want the Available leave data to auto populate. Auto populate is figured out and working with a single CP but I need it to discriminate as to the CP.

I am not a great coder but with some guidance, I can muddle my way through some JavaScript if need be.


Nintex Forms On Prem.



Any thoughts? let me know if I need to clarify or load up with screenshots.