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Populating a field in a Sharepoint list (a) with data input from a different list (b), dependant on data input in a differnt field in list (b)

Question asked by darrenfloyd666 on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by emha

I have a System Inventory SharePoint 2010 list (a) which amongst it's fields has a list of Systems and their Technical System Owner. The System list is a drop down list and the Technical System Owner is input by using the people picker field.


I've been asked to send an alert out to the Technical System Owner when an issue is recorded next to their system via an InfoPath form.


I've created a new list called Improvement Log (b) and I'm getting the System List drop down field from list a. I'm using Nintex Workflow to send the alert, but I'm stuck on what actions I need to get the specific Technical System Owner item from list a.


Any help very much appreciated.