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Populate Columns with Contents of Collection

Question asked by andreapasutti on May 22, 2018
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I've got a question for you. I have a list item with a field that contains all the data I need about a user (login name, email address, etc.). I can query that field and split the data so I have a collection variable with multiple separate values. How do I iterate through that collection and populate each separate field for that user?


Single list field with all data:


Separate data elements about user that I want to extract from this field:


Separate list fields that need to be populated with extracted data:


1 line item has multiple fields. All the data that is in the User Multi field needs to be spread out to the User ID, Name, Login Name, and Email fields. How do I iterate through my collection variable and do that? I've done something similar where I populated collection variables, but that started with separate fields per row that were already populated. I need to go back one step before that and populate those separate fields.


Any suggestions?


For some back story, I used a Call Web Service action "GetUserCollectionFromSite" web method and iterated through that data to create separate list items. This is how the data comes out of that workflow. Now I need to massage the data a little bit more to get it to something usable.