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Workflow stopped with errors although everything seems fine

Question asked by astrakid on May 21, 2018
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following situation: A workflow shall create about 700 list items within a loop. These items are created within the workflow and the workflow performs the last two actions after the loop as well (referring to the detail workflow history). But I get an error email that the workflow has stopped with errors!

If I downsize the list to 50 elements it is working fine, 200 as well. I didn't check how far I could go, but I'm quite curious what is causing this? It should not be that hard for a database to handle this amount of data.

Any ideas?

The data itself is fine, we have a dataset of 49 elements which is "manually" (join all in database select statemenet) increased to the desired amount.


edit1: 400 elements are working as well fine. will increase the value and check where it gets stuck.

edit2: 600 elements is causing an error, although all elements are created and the last step of the workflow (set status in list a, elements are created in list b) is executed successfully as well.

edit3: 550 fails as well, 501 is working fine.

edit4: 530 fails as well, 516 is working fine.

edit5: 523 is working fine.

edit6: started a complete workflow again, and all elements are created, but the workflow-status in the list is "error at start", the nintex workflow shows "completed".


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