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Publish reusable workflow on multiple site collections

Question asked by ohrenstoepsel on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by ohrenstoepsel

I have a customer who has a reusable workflow which runs on a document content type.


Nintex Version is 2013 onprem ( - International) - Standard License


Now the problem is that the reusable workflow template was created in a subsite and that subsite is now used by another workflow as site template for generating new team site collections.

And now there are already about 60 team sites generated from that template with that reusable workflow in place on the content type for many of the libraries.


Now when changing the original reusable workflow template the changes are not transported to all the child workflows on all these site collections. But additionally when opening workflow inventory or manage reusable workflow templates on one of the newly created site collections, there is no workflow shown. It looks as if there is no workflow but when uploading a document in one of the libraries with the content type the right workflow is triggered and in workflow settings it is also visible.


How would you guys update all these child workflows to get the latest version from the template? Is there a powershell oder nwadmin solution I don't know?


Thanks in advance