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Having Cascading Dropdown Issues

Question asked by kelliganp on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by cazza162

Hi Folks,


I have a Leave Form and I am trying to get a cascading dropdown setup working so that I can basically double filter a lookup. there are plenty of resources for this here but I cannot seem to get mine working. There are a couple of subtle differences between mine and the examples but nothing I would expect to cause the filter to fail.


I set up a dummy solution to reduce any extraneous complexity in my production form from getting in the way.


Example for is very basic... Just the default content and two list lookup controls


Basic Form Layout


The first control successfully looks up an employee name from a list on another sub site.

Employee lookup control configuration


Employee lookup control configuration cont...


The next lookup control looks up the contract period from a TimeBank where an employee's available leave is stored and filters off of the FullName result of the first lookup control.

Contract Period lookup control configuration.


Contract Period lookup control configuration cont...


The issue I am having is that the second control does not filter. The list connections seem to be working because when I select filter by specific value on the control and enter a known FullName, the form filters by that name.

Here images images of my results.



This form was based on: (Create a Cascading Drop Down in Nintex Forms for SharePoint) after seeing in in a post recommended by Cassy Freeman and Marian Hatala.


Any help would be appreciated!