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Call SQL Job and pass parameters via Nintex workflow

Question asked by mindymac03 on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by mindymac03

Hello - I have a workflow with an Execute SQL statement. I want to use it to call a SQL job that calls a stored procedure with parameters. I can't figure out if it's possible, let alone the syntax.


Side notes: My Execute SQL statement has a working connection string. I have verified that by calling a stored procedure that needs no parameters and also by putting an INSERT statement into the Query field of the Execute SQL workflow step. So the connection string and user ID/password are fine. I have verified with our DBA that I am using a user ID that has rights to insert into the table in question.


With all that as background - what I am really needing to do is call a SQL job that executes a stored procedure with parameters. I can see in various forums (like this one -- sql server - How to pass a parameter to a SQL Job that will execute a stored procedure - Stack Overflow ) that calling a SQL job w/ parameters is doable, but I need to do it from a Nintex workflow/Execute SQL step. Has anyone done this? 


This - Subscription reporting and Nintex  - was the closest I could find. Not a good sign. Any clues are appreciated.