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Responsive forms - best way to add "help" text?

Question asked by sandra_nz on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by chris.ben

I'm pretty new to Nintex Forms! How are you all adding the "help" text that would traditionally be added to the column Description in a SharePoint list?


I am building a responsive form that uses a number of panels, each containing a number of controls. I'm using rules to show/hide panels.


In order to add help text into the form, I'm adding Rich Text controls. But this results in what appears to be an editable field for the end user - when they mouse over the Rich Text, the control has a white background against the grey of the panel. I've also been using some Rich Text controls without any text to correctly space the help text to sit under the appropriate control in the row above.


The attached picture hopefully gives more detail! Thanks in advance for any advice.