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Workflow not undeclaring for checked out files

Question asked by snathan on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by philipplucas



I have an 'undeclare' workflow (designed in SharePoint designer) that has only 1 action which is 'undeclare current item'


The way my workflow works is that it undeclares the current document (as a record) then copies it over to another folder.  All of this happens while the file is checked out to a service account. The undeclare workflow gets called from Nintex workflow.


I have this set up running in 4 sites. 3 sites are working and 1 of it is throwing off an error 'file is checked out is checked out for editing by SHAREPOINT\system". This error shows up once the 'undeclare' workflow is called from within Nintex workflow


Could you please let me know what is that could be making the undeclare workflow not fire despite having the file checked-out? (which works in other 3 sites?)