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Web Request - OAuth Authentication Issue

Question asked by ducmac on May 14, 2018

Hi Nintex community,



I am trying to do a web request with a site that uses OAuth 1.0 authentication. The issue I am having is that all OAuth 1.0 requests have a signature method (such as HMAC-SHA1) which (to my knowledge), accepts a secret key (static variable), and returns a dynamic value.  This dynamic value is a required field that I have to include in my request header to be able to authorize myself. 


My questions are:

1) Am I able to use the "Web Request" connector action to connect with other websites using OAuth 1.0 authentication? 

2) Am I able to calculate the signatures using signature methods such as (HMAC-SHA1 and RSA-SHA1) using nintex?


If there is a way to do this, could you please guide me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.