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datetime to date only

Question asked by on May 14, 2018
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First, I'm a total newb so please be gentle with me!


I've searched for something like this and not really found anything.  The closest thing I've found is


I have a start time, an end time, and an all day event checkbox on my form.  If the all day event option is checked, I want the start time to be 12:00AM and the end time to be 11:59PM BUT I want those times hidden.  I can live with it if there's no way to hide the time portion and pre-load the times, but I need the time hidden.  Think about how outlook/exchange would handle this, if you want a reference.


If the all day is not selected then I want the times to show.


The underlying data is date and time in SharePoint.


I want to avoid JavaScript because I understand it can cause some challenges with mobile devices.  But if that's the only way, then I can live with that.


Oh!  and if that isn't way too much already, I need to validate that the end date/time is after the begin date/time


I think I can do the validation with rules, but as noted, I'm a newb, not even really crawling yet.  Can I do the datetime control format thing?

I feel like if I can get over this fundamental hump that I'll get the basics and can move forward.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.